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     All use of Livewire Airlines shall be consistant with the purpose and goal of the web site. Successful operation of the web site requires that its users regard Livewire Airlines as a shared resource, and cooperate to form a community of diverse interests with the common purpose of sharing quality resources for MS Flight Simulator. It is therefore imperative that members conduct themselves in a responsible, ethical, and polite manner while using the web site.

The intent of the Livewire Airlines acceptable use policy is to ensure that all uses of Livewire Airlines are consistent with the purposes of the agency. The policy does not attempt to articulate all required or prescribed behavior by its members. Livewire Airlines is an open web site in both implementation and spirit. Technical measures could have been invoked to constrain web site use, but they would have limited the utility of the web site. Rather, in any specific situation, each individual's judgement of appropriate conduct is relied upon. To assist in such judgement, the following general guidelines are offered:
  • Any use of Livewire Airlines for illegal purposes, or in support of illegal activities, is prohibited.
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  • All Livewire Airlines conferences and bulletin boards will be moderated.
  • Any Livewire Airlines user's traffic that traverses another web site may be subject to that web site's acceptable use policy.
  • From time to time, the agency will make decisions on whether specific uses of Livewire Airlines are consistent with this policy.
* Any reference to Livewire Airlines includes FlightBase2000 and all subsidiaries.

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     The information you provide here (other than your full name) will remain completely confidential. Your full name is required to identity forum messages and file uploads. Your email address is required to activate your Livewire Airlines web account and will never be given (or sold) to any person/organization.

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