The FlightBase2000 media kit is currently under development.

Before the kit goes online we are offering an advertisement special. Right now, you can purchase 20,000 ad displays for only $1 US (minimum purchase: 200,000 for $10 - yes, that's 200 ad displays for only 1 penny!). For more information send an email to with your request.

Current available monthly ad displays: 700,000

No single advertiser may purchase more than 100,000 ad displays per month. Purchases over 100,000 will be carried over into the following month(s).

If you are a non-profit FS related web site with over 250,000 page views per month and are interested in free cooperative advertising, send an email to the above email address.

* We reserve the right to deny any advertisement. We also reserve the right to cancel any adevertisement without notice. Cancelled ads will receive a full refund for all ads not displayed.